Gulf Management Systems DonorBOO$T PRogram

DonorBOO$T is a network for connecting non-profits and business owners.  Gulf Management Systems runs the network, and partners with non-profit and businesses to create ongoing value through relationship building.  The DonorBOO$T program works because nearly every business knows they have to accept credit card payments in order to thrive, yet no business owner enjoys paying the processing fees associated with taking card payments.  When businesses participate in the DonorBOO$T network, they will receive a guaranteed processing rate reduction from Gulf Management Systems.  The savings provided by Gulf Management Systems can range from anywhere between $5 and $10,000 per month depending on the merchant’s specific situation.  Besides saving real money for merchants, Gulf Management Systems earns recurring revenue from their credit card processing activity.  Gulf Management Systems then donates a percentage of this earned revenue back to the participating non-profit.  This is where the BOO$T in DonorBOO$T comes from!   Please contact Karen at or  to learn more.