Martial Arts Master Rodney Robertson Has a Message for Fearless Women

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This is to all the Fearless Women who
Are part of the book and movement
Fearless Women’s Vision of a New World.

I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Lt. Col. Karen Mertes,
and this I dedicate to her and all fearless women around the world
who are moms, CEO’s, wives, etc., etc.  Whether you made the book
or not all women are fearless.

If you are a woman then by all means
Your day is hard just trying to get your kids to eat greens
Its even more complicated with life and issues
No wonder you invest so often in Kleenex and tissues
Your tears are united around the world
Being a woman is truly the universe pearl
The pressure of being a mom, wife, and homemaker
The last to be cared for, as you play to care-taker
So many then are hit with life and moments unfair
And still you look in the mirror and are required to have no fear
Cancers, divorce, illness threatened all you have worked for
The woman is simply at the center, she is the core
But regardless you pick up the sword and you fight
Because it is in you, you have a power and might
Whether you are Karen Mertes, Lisa Metwaly, or Linda Gray
You provide the sunshine when the weather seems grey
Maybe you are Janet Nelson, or Kimbra Ness
You wake up every day and take life as a test
To all fearless women around the world in every city
Every country, all towns and all who protect their community
Life is never about being afraid or running back to a nest
It’s simply the goal to live and be fear-less
Across the globe your message is clear
You are heard and not one to fear
A Fearless Woman takes on all things
At the presence of knowing the suffering
And still she is fearless
And with her presence all life is blessed…

From Martial Arts Master, Author, Poet, Public Speaker,
Rodney Robertson

Martial Arts Master Rodney Robertson with Karen Mertes of Fulfill Your Destiny