Sea Beans


Sea Beans with Style Wearable Art by Ken & Patty Karpinski, are graciously donating 40% of all sales through their website,, to Fulfill Your Destiny when customers enter the code “FYD” for Fulfill Your Destiny in the ‘Note to Seller’ field upon checkout on the PayPal form.

WHY Sea Beans?  Sea Beans will:

  •     Make you happier and healthier when you walk the beach looking for them.
  •     Make you feel calm when you rub them.
  •     Make you fell sexy and stylin’ when you wear them.

Sea Beans may even bring you good luck and give you a better outlook on life.

WHAT are Sea Beans?  ABOUT the Sea Beans Journey:

Sea Beans, the mystical sea travelers from the Tropics, begin their extraordinary journey by escaping from the pods that have nourished them deep in the rain forests.  Riding the jungle rivers to the sea, the Sea Beans are quickly caught up in the ocean currents, drifting for years until they land on some distant shore.

The most prized Sea Beans are the Sea Heart, the Sea Purse, and the ubiquitous Hamburger Bean.  All carry the belief of Good Luck to the finder, since their origins are never known, and their journey can only be imagined.


ABOUT the Sea Beans with Style Founders, Ken and Patty Karpinski:

As ardent beachcombers, Ken and Patty Karpinski were blessed to find themselves in Liberia, West Africa, where they soon discovered that Sea Beans covered the beaches during the rainy season.  Soon, with the help of Ken’s assistant, Clarence Borbordee, and seaside village children, the Karpinski’s had acquired over 3000 beans that returned with them to America.

ABOUT the Sea Beans with Style Line of Jewelry:

Ken and Patty turned their passion for beach combing into their Sea Bean jewelry business, and have combined their Sea Beans with beads from around the world.  Your necklaces may have a combination of beads from Africa, India, China or Europe, encompassing unique textures, colors and shapes.  The naturalness of the necklaces will give the wearer a sense of well being attuned with the world around them.

HOW Can I Purchase My Own Sea Beans?:

Sea Beans are available in necklaces, bracelets, and key chains.  For more information or to order, please visit  Please remember to use the code “FYD” in the ‘Note to Seller’ field upon checkout.  Thank you.