The Power of Transformation

The Power of TransformationOne of the top self-help books available for women!  Written by 28 international life and transition coaches including Dr. Nancy Greer-Williams, Peggi J. Peaslee, Kathy Tompkins, Gabrielle Spencer, Rebecca Sheperd, Becky Paroz, Marie Claude LaPalme, Katie Botten, Laurie Cameron, Caroline Ryan, Mary Jadwisiak, Janette Ishiyama, Brandy Gasner, Rachel Braun Scherl, Susan Devereaux, Rolande Kirouac, Tonya L. Whiteside, M.S., Maree McManaway, Susan Kitchen, Rita Rocker, Vladimire Calixte, Janet Christensen, Veronica Roman, Zaneta Smith, Karen Mertes, Linda Patel, Maylene Kim May and Roberta Gold.  Topics include:  say goodbye to the past and hello to the future, the transformative power of self-compassion, a roadmap to your authentic self, life is an attitude, how to find your leadership voice, leaving a legacy, entrepreneurship, reinventing your career, and more!  This anthology has the collective wisdom of professional women from six countries.  A must-have in every woman’s personal library.

“Women are in constant transformation.  Consider leaving home for college, beginning or ending a career, becoming a mother, empty nest syndrome, divorce, health challenges and aging.  Every woman globally faces personal or professional transformation at some point in her life.

This book has been designed to provide you, the reader, with strategies and guidelines to help your transformation and personal reinvention move forward smoothly thus providing you with confidence, self-esteem and direction as you step into your next stage of life.”  ~ Linda Ellis Eastman

Twenty-eight women offer you their life experiences and insights.  You’ll likely find many ‘pearls of wisdom’ you can apply in your own journey.

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Here’s what people are saying about The POWER of Transformation Reinventing Your Life:

“Authors have hit a home-run with this book!  Each chapter is compelling and I highly recommend this anthology written by international consultants, speakers and coaches for all women who wish to embrace personal transformation and confidence.  I have purchased several copies as gifts for friends.”  ~ 5 Stars by The Professional Reviewer