Tampa’s Karen Mertes Featured on Cover of New Book Fearless Women Visions of a New World

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National Book Series Highlights Ret. Air Force Lt. Colonel’s Creation/Accomplishments of Tampa Charity – Fulfill Your Destiny – Conceived Following A Near Fatal Car Accident 

TAMPA – On February 7, 2007, Karen Mertes’ life was changed forever. A Lieutenant Colonel in our United States Air Force stationed at MacDill AFB, Karen was driving the speed limit on Interstate 75 near Brandon when she was struck by a drunk driver traveling more than 100 mph. As the horrific accident careened down the highway and her life hung in the balance, Karen promised God that if she were blessed to live, she would dedicate the rest of her life to helping others.

That promise was the genesis for Fulfill Your Destiny, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit Tampa charity Karen created specifically to assist those whose career life paths have been altered by injury or other unforeseen circumstances. Fulfill Your Destiny’s mission is to help such individuals regain control and direction in their lives. Special consideration is given to individuals, both civilian and military, who have suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Karen’s tireless efforts leading Fulfill Your Destiny embodied the core philosophies that caught the attention of the Fearless Women organization and her inspirational dedication made Karen the ideal candidate to feature on the cover of Fearless Women Visions of a New World.

“Karen Mertes embodies the spirit, vision and extraordinary drive that define the theme of our latest Fearless Women book,” says Mary Ann Halpin, CEO and founder of Fearless Women Global. “The focus she discovered from adversity and then translated that discovery to tangibly assist others are the qualities that make her perfect person to grace the cover.”

A global visionary movement, Fearless Women fosters women who make a difference in the world by overcoming their own fear with courage and uplifting others with love. Inspiring growth and transformation of themselves and others, Fearless Women builds self-direction, confidence and connections.

“Fulfill Your Destiny is driven by a simple philosophy – ‘Be a H.E.R.O. Hands Eagerly Reach Out’ where and when needed,” Karen says. “Being featured by Fearless Women in their latest book is extraordinary recognition of Fulfill Your Destiny and our results. Working closely with other Tampa Bay area non-profits, we are able to identify and assist those who need it the most with 100% of our donations received being put to work on their behalf.”

About Fulfill Your Destiny

Fulfill Your Destiny, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Tampa-based, non-profit corporation dedicated to helping individuals directly and through its support of other non-profit corporations. By assisting people whose career life paths have been altered by brain injury or other unforeseen circumstances, Fulfill Your Destiny helps individuals, both civilian and military, to regain control and direction. Special consideration is given to those that have suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

For additional information on Karen and the organization’s work, please visit fulfillyourdestiny.org.

About Fearless Women Global

Mary Ann Halpin is an acclaimed photographer, speaker, workshop facilitator and founder of the Fearless Women Movement. The goal of the Fearless Women Movement is to create a synergy of fearless sisterhood, to connect women all over the globe for inspiration, spiritual support and passionate contribution. Through the Fearless Women books and events around the United States and Canada, the organization’s focus is to create tribes of like-minded women to gather in celebration and honor each other’s fearless accomplishments. Additional information about the Fearless Women Movement can be found at fearlesswomenglobal.com.



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